Big-rig trucks are not the only trucks on busy roads in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. UPS, FedEx, and other companies have vehicles that range in size from vans or box trucks to full-sized semis that are driven by truck drivers in a constant rush to deliver goods to consumers and businesses. With more people purchasing furniture, food, clothes, andHart Delivery Truck other items online, these delivery trucks are in even more use, posing a danger to you and your family—even in your neighborhood.

What Are the Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents?

While delivery truck collisions occur for some of the same reasons as those involving big-rig trucks, like intoxication, distracted driving, and violation of traffic laws, some are caused by the unique challenges facing delivery truck drivers. Some of the causes of these wrecks include:

Sudden stops.

Delivery truck drivers can make a sudden stop without warning when looking for an address to make a delivery. In this situation, the delivery truck driver and not the driver in the rear may be liable for a rear-end collision.

Sudden left turn.

In the rush to make a delivery, the driver may make a sudden left turn when he passes his location rather than going around the block or otherwise safely turning around. You and your family could suffer devastating injuries as a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorist.

Backing up.

Like large semis, delivery trucks have a large blind spot behind the truck. When a driver backs up after passing a building or house, he could back into another vehicle or an adult or child riding a bike or walking in their neighborhood.

Parking brake.

Some wrecks occur when the delivery driver fails to engage the parking brake before delivering his package. These crashes are especially tragic because they are so preventable and no one is in the truck when they occur.

Improperly secured loads.

If the goods to be delivered are not secured properly or the truck is overloaded, this can cause the driver to lose control of the truck. Items that fall off the truck pose an additional dangerous hazard for other drivers.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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