Angry man on digital tabletCar accident victims can inadvertently make many mistakes that hurt their claim for compensation. Often, they will talk to the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster on their own and will make statements that the adjuster can twist to create a dispute about their right to compensation. They may agree to give a recorded statement or to sign a blanket medical release. Another error that people make is to post about the collision, their injuries, and even their daily lives on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can be a costly mistake that ultimately reduces the amount of their settlement.

How Your Social Media Postings Can Hurt Your Claim

In our world where almost everyone is on social media, it can be tempting to share about your auto wreck with your family and friends on social media sites. However, you are sharing with more than just those you are close to. The insurance company and attorney for the negligent driver will scour your social media sites at various times during your claim. Pictures and comments you have innocently posted may not seem so harmless and can actually be used to reduce the amount your case is worth. Here is why you want to be extremely cautious in using social media to not hurt your case:


You do not want to post any pictures of yourself while you are pursuing your claim. If they show you doing anything that remotely implies your injuries are less serious or that you can do an activity you claim you are too injured to do, they will be used against you.

Location information.

Sometimes when you post to a social media site, others viewing your posts can access your location information. This can be a problem if you are somewhere like on a hiking trail or at a bowling alley when you claim to be too injured to walk—even if you have a reasonable explanation as to why you were there.

Posting comments.

You do not want to say anything about your crash, your injuries, or the progress of your claim on social media sites. You may say something while venting, sharing, or giving support to another friend or family member who is a victim of a crash that can be turned around to show you were somehow partially at fault or not as seriously injured.

Accepting unknown friend requests.

While you are trying to resolve your claim with the insurance company, you do not want to accept any friend requests from people you do not know. You could be friending the insurance adjuster, an investigator hired by the insurance company, or their attorney.

If you made the mistake of posting a harmful comment or picture on a social media site, you have not ruined your right to compensation from the negligent driver. Our experienced legal team has dealt with this issue—as well as many others—in the past and have strategies to lessen any damage that your posting may have on your claim. 

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