Our highways are seemingly crammed with commercial trucks.  Dump trucks from quarries, logging trucks on 114, tractor-trailers and gasoline trucks on the airport freeway-they're all over the interstates of Northern Texas.  So it's not surprising that 10% of all wrecks are truck crashes, but what you may not know is that most fatalities in truck accidents aren't the truck drivers, but the passengers in the smaller vehicles they hit. 

Why are these trucks so dangerous?   


Many truck drivers are often paid by the load. This means that the more they carry and the faster they get it to their destination, the more money they stand to make.  It may be tempting to bend the rules for a higher paycheck-but they're not only putting themselves at risk.  

Lax regulations. 

Since intrastate trucks in Texas do not cross the state lines, they are not subject to federal laws and regulations.  This means that many of the safety standards put in place, such as maximum hours a driver can work or load size he can carry may be overlooked.  

Mishandled cargo. 

Dump truck drivers haul aggregate, or fine pieces of gravel, to building sites.  The problem is, if these trucks aren't up to code, or the driver is not extremely cautious, those piece of gravel can drop from the truck at high speeds, chipping your windshield and causing distraction from the road.  

Careless driving. 

Anyone can be guilty of careless, distracted, or drowsy driving-but when you're a semi driver hauling a load of several tons on a major highway, the risks are much greater to those around you.  If the consequences of improper truck driving can be severe, so should the penalty. 

We know that being hit by an 18-wheeler on Loop 820 is a much more serious accident than if you were hit by another passenger vehicle.  The insurance companies know it, too: there are different laws governing truck crashes, and a different claim process.  Depending on the truck, its company, and the location of the crash, your claim can get tied up, reshuffled, and grow endlessly complicated.  At the Hart Law Firm, we have experience dealing with these kinds of crashes, and the insurance laws regarding commercial trucks.  We're always ready to provide you with responsible legal advice and handle the paperwork, so you can relax and take time to heal.  

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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