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CSA 2010- A Year in Large Truck Safety and Crash Prevention

In August 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration put into place a sweeping large vehicle safety program. The Compliance, Safety, and Accountability 2010 program (CSA 2010) uses Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories, or BASICs. CSA 2010 uses the following BASICS categories to indentify and measure driver behaviors that contribute to 18-wheeler crashes in Texas and across the country:


  • Unsafe driving - Unsafe driving behaviors that fall under this category include speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change and inattention.

  • Driver fitness - This category has to do with commercial vehicle drivers and a lack of training and experience or the presence of a dangerous medical condition.

  • Controlled substance or alcohol - The data collected under this category include violations and crash reports that cite drugs or alcohol as a cause or violation. In addition, a positive drug or alcohol test or deficiencies in testing are monitored under this category.

  • Fatigued driving - Any crashes or incidents that involve an overtired driver are monitored here.

  • Vehicle maintenance- Brakes, lights and other mechanical defects that cause a citation or crash fall under this category.

  • Crash indicator - This category applies to drivers who have a history of high crash involvement. Prior crashes can indicate a high likelihood of future incidents.

  • Improper loading/cargo securement- Inspection violations and crash reports are taken into consideration for this category. Shifting loads, spilled or dropped cargo and unsafe handling of hazardous materials are examples of improper loading or cargo securement.


How the FMCSA Uses the Data

The FMCSA uses the data gathered in this system to score and rank carriers. Carriers include bus and truck fleets. Hopefully, the data and ensuing ratings will ensure that dangerous drivers and companies are held responsible for their actions. The rankings should help trucking companies work to better maintain their trucks and demand more from their drivers.


If You Have Been Hurt in an Accident With a Large Truck in Texas

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