Texas workplace back injury The Hart Law FirmBack injuries are some of the most common workplace injuries and they very often require workers to take off work while they recover. These injuries do not just plague workers in industries like construction and factory work. Even workers in offices and other non-physically demanding jobs can suffer a back injury. If you work for a non-subscriber employer, your claim for compensation is a bit more complicated because you must prove your employer’s negligence in causing your injuries. However, under Texas law, your employer would be 100 percent responsible for compensating you if you can show that he was as little as one percent at fault in causing your injuries.

What Are the Major Causes of Back Injuries in the Workplace?

Workplace back injuries are often categorized as either chronic or acute injuries. Acute injuries are those that occur during a single incident, such as a slip and fall. Chronic injuries occur over time as a result of causes like repetitive or awkward movements. The main causes of back injuries on the job include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Repetitive and awkward movements
  • Vehicle wrecks
  • Heavy lifting
  • Whole body vibration
  • Prolonged sitting in improper positions or with chairs and desks not suited for the worker

Common Back Injuries Employees Suffer

Workers can suffer a variety of back injuries, and some can limit their ability to perform their jobs. While some back injuries can be minor and only require a short period off work, others can be more debilitating or result in permanent disability. Common back injuries suffered at work include:

Lower back strains and sprains.

These injuries are probably the most common back injuries and are often caused by sitting or standing for long periods of time, overuse, slips and falls, and vehicle collisions.

Herniated discs.

When the soft discs between the vertebrae in the spine become damaged or slips, a person can suffer a herniated or slipped disc. This can cause considerable pain and could require medications, physical therapy, or surgery to treat.

Pinched nerves.

If a disc pushes against a nerve in the back, this can cause a person to experience pain in his neck, back, or legs and require him to take time off work while he recovers.

Broken back.

A worker can suffer a broken back if the vertebrae in the upper or lower spine are fractured in a fall, car wreck, or other industrial incident. An injured employee needs immediate medical care, and the condition can be life-threatening.

Spinal cord damage.

If a worker’s spinal cord is injured, he could suffer partial or complete paralysis—or death.

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