semi truck crash driver error The Hart Law FirmTruck accidents on the roads and highways in and around Arlington are all too common and can cause victims to suffer catastrophic injuries or die. These wrecks are particularly tragic because so many of them are entirely preventable. Often, they happen when truck drivers and trucking companies do not follow common-sense driving practices and ignore safety regulations for the sake of profit. If a negligent trucker and trucking company caused your collision, you can hold them responsible for compensating you for your injuries under Texas law.

How Commercial Truck Accidents Occur on Arlington Roads and Highways

Some of the causes of commercial truck wrecks are similar to those involving passenger vehicles, but others are unique to the trucking industry. Here are major causes of these collisions:

Driver Error

The majority of truck wrecks are caused by driver errors. Speeding, failing to check for blind spots, improper lane changes, not using turn signals, and distracted driving are just some of the ways that trucker negligence leads to victims’ injuries and deaths.

Trucker Fatigue 

Truckers drive long hours without a break and may continue to do so when tired due to pressures to deliver their loads. While federal regulations mandate the number of hours that truck drivers can work without taking a rest, some break these hours of service regulations and falsify their records to make it appear that they are complying.


Some truck crashes are caused by inexperienced and untrained truck drivers. Trucking companies often fail to ensure that their truckers meet the federal and Texas qualifications for driving a commercial truck and to provide them with proper training. A crash victim may have a separate negligent hiring claim against the company in this situation.

Weather Conditions 

When truck drivers fail to slow down on Arlington roads in rain, fog, and ice, they can lose control of their trucks and slam into nearby vehicles.


Both truckers and trucking companies have duties to inspect and maintain their trucks. Unfortunately, they frequently neglect these responsibilities to save money. Faulty brakes, worn tires, and other equipment malfunctions are the causes of wrecks that could have been avoided if the truck had been properly inspected and repaired.


Driving when intoxicated is always dangerous, but this is especially true when a person is driving an 80,000 pound truck. Reaction times, attentiveness, and the ability to judge distances are a few of the driving skills that are impaired when a truck driver is drunk or high.

Improper Loading 

When cargo is not loaded properly or is unsecured, this can make it impossible for a truck driver to control the truck or lead to a deadly jackknife collision.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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