factory workers exposed to hazards in Texas The Hart Law FirmMost people do not think about the possibility that a particular job could cause them to develop an occupational disease when choosing a career path or considering a job offer. However, some professions can cause a person to develop a life-threatening disease over time. These cases are more complicated if the victim works for a non-subscriber employer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who has chosen not to provide its employees with worker’s compensation benefits.

What Is an Occupational Disease?

An occupational disease is one that is caused by exposure to risk factors for the illness at a workplace. The hazard at work can be one of several factors in the development of the disease. Occupational diseases often develop after a long period of exposure, and the symptoms may be similar to other less serious medical conditions, which can make diagnosing and treating the medical condition more complicated.

How Your Work Can Cause You to Develop a Serious Occupational Illness

If you work for a non-subscriber employer, you must prove that your employer’s negligence caused your occupational disease in order to receive compensation from them. However, you must only show that your company was at least one percent at fault in causing your disease. Here are common causes of occupational disease:

Hazardous Materials

Exposure to dangerous chemicals, dusts, fumes, fibers, and other hazardous materials can cause individuals to develop respiratory diseases, mesothelioma, and other life-threatening cancers. In some cases, a supervisor will not have adequately trained employees in the proper handling of the materials or provided sufficient protective gear to limit exposure.

Excessive Noise 

Engineers, construction workers, excavators, factory workers, miners, and other workers are exposed to excessive noise on a regular basis. They can suffer permanent hearing loss, especially if their company fails to make reasonable attempts to reduce the noise level or provide sufficient hearing protective gear.

Poor Ventilation 

Working underground and in confined spaces that are poorly ventilated can increase the risks of exposure to harmful dusts, fibers, and chemicals that cause occupational diseases.

Are You Suffering From An Occupational Illness?

Because it can take years for an occupational disease to develop, it can be challenging to establish that it was caused by your employer’s negligence. Our experienced workplace accident attorneys are here to collect the evidence you need to prove this and to fight for the compensation you deserve for your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Schedule your free consultation today to learn about our extensive experience in these cases and your legal options. Contact us online or call our office directly at 817.380.4888 to schedule your appointment today.

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