Even if your employer is one of the many Texas employers who opted out of providing workers’ compensation benefits, you want to report your workplace accident immediately after it occurs. This is true even if you do not think you suffered injuries. Why? Reporting your accident right away strengthens your case for compensation if you later decide you need it.

Work injury form with pencilHow an Accident Report Helps Your Case Against Your Non-Subscriber Employer

Filing an accident report not only strengthens your case, but it also defeats some of the arguments your employer could make as to why you are not entitled to compensation. You want to file an accident report because it will:

Document your accident.

The accident report is a powerful first piece of evidence documenting that your accident caused your injuries. Filing the report when your accident happened strengthens the claim that you were hurt in a job-related accident and the causal link between your injury and this event.

Defeat employer arguments.

If you fail to report your accident right away, your employer could deny the accident occurred or claim that your injuries were caused by something outside of work. Don’t give your employer this ammunition to fight your claim.

Include witness contact information.

An accident report could include a summary of statements by witnesses as to what happened and provide contact information that you could find helpful if your employer disputes how your accident occurred.

Why You Should Complete an Accident Report If You Do Not Believe You Were Injured

You might think it is unnecessary to report your accident if you do not believe you suffered injuries. This is a mistake you do not want to make. The shock of the accident and adrenaline could mask your symptoms. In addition, you may not experience symptoms of some medical conditions, like traumatic brain injury, spinal, neck or back injuries, and internal bleeding, for days or weeks after your accident. You do not want to weaken your claim by not filing a report right away.

If you did not file an accident report after your accident, you could still have a claim for compensation if your non-subscriber employer’s negligence caused your injuries. However, you will need an experienced workplace accident attorney fighting for what you deserve. 

Have You Been Injured At Your Texas Job And Your Employer Doesn't Provide Workers' Compensation?

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