A report from the FMCSA found that over 80 percent of crashes involving truckers were caused by some degree of driver error. Approximately 12 percent of these accidents were caused by a driver who was either sleeping, having a heart attack, suffering from diabetic shock or affected by another heath problem. Some of the more serious health and safety concerns for truckers include:
  • Sleep apnea and the associated daytime drowsiness
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart events and attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic shock

Some companies are working hard to better the health of their drivers. One example is Con-way Freight, where a wellness program in a hub office caused workers' compensation claims to plummet 80 percent. In addition, drivers were on the job more than ever, taking up to 75 percent fewer sick days.

Spreading the Word and Making Changes

One of the more effective ways to encourage truck drivers to get fit is to give them the resources they need to make a change. At truck shows and driver appreciation days, like a recent event in Rockwall, Texas, trucking companies and industry organizations are able to give truck drivers the tools they need to change their eating habit and exercise patterns.

In addition, these events allow groups like the Healthy Trucking Association of America to screen drivers for conditions such as high blood pressure. Not long ago, the organization screened over 2,000 drivers at an annual truck show.

“We sent 21 directly to the emergency room, and one of them had a heart attack on the way there.” said Brett Blowers, director of marketing and development for the Association.

Clearly, many truck drivers need to make drastic lifestyle changes; however, it can be hard to get the drivers to start new routines and break old habits.

Trucking Companies to Truck Drivers: Lose the Weight or Lose Your Job

For some, the motivation to get in shape comes not from improving their health, but from keeping their jobs.

“I’m being stupid if I don’t lose the weight,” said Ms. Garcia, a truck driver from Texas, “because I’ll lose my job.”

Only time will tell if the changes drivers are making will have an impact on waistlines and crash rates. The staff and attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that the changes in industry standards do in fact change lives. Too many times, unfit drivers cause Texas truck crashes that injure and kill drivers in Grapevine, Denton and across the state.

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