As Bedford, TX crash attorneys who help victims of car and truck crashes, we know that there are very few true "accidents." The vast majority of traffic crashes occur when the driver makes a critical error. In this regard, truck drivers are no different than other motorists. However, when a truck driver makes an error and causes a crash, there is a greater chance that the crash will cause serious damage. While driver error does account for many of the semi-truck crashes we see, equipment failure - such as a blown tire or unsecured load - can also cause a crash.


When a Blown Tire Causes a Trucking Crash, Who is to Blame?

More often than not, a blown tire has given clear warning signs that it will soon explode. For example, major causes of blown tires include:


  • Incorrect air pressure (too high to too low)

  • Damaged rim

  • Damaged tire due to hitting a pothole or curb

  • Overloaded truck


As most of the above causes of blown tires in 18-wheelers should have been caught, who is responsible for checking that the tires are safe? This is a tricky question. If you have been involved in a crash with a big rig in Texas, you may find that nobody wants to take responsibility. While the truck driver is responsible for making a safety check before he leaves the yard, a mechanic is often in charge of truck maintenance. If the driver is dropping off and picking up loads from different yards, it can be hard to tell who was responsible for the care of the truck or trailer. And nobody is going to want to claim responsibility.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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