A spinal cord injury is among the most serious, debilitating injuries that one can sustain during an accident. Unfortunately, our Bedford truck crash attorneys have seen this injury time and again in clients who have been hit by a semi-truck in Bedford. This article has been created to help you better understand the injury and its potentially life-altering impact.


Spinal Cord Injuries Are Most Often Serious

While minor injuries to the spinal cord do occur, the majority of the time an injury to the cord will result in some type of permanent damage. At the most basic level, doctors use the terms "complete" and "incomplete" to categorize spinal cord injuries.


  • Complete spinal cord injury: A complete injury means that the crash victim cannot move below the injury site. In addition, they have no sensation below the site. A complete injury is categorized as level A on the ASIA Impairment Scale.


  • Incomplete spinal cord injury: A person with an incomplete spinal cord injury has at least some level of movement or sensation below the injury site. An incomplete injury encompasses the B, C, D, and E levels of impairment on the ASIA Impairment Scale.


Spinal Cord Injury and Long-Term Outcomes

The long-term outcome for spinal cord injury patients varies greatly. However, the most common effects of an injury to the spinal cord include:

  • Paralysis and loss of sensation

  • Death (normally occurs when breathing muscles are paralyzed)

  • A need for ongoing therapy

  • A need for ongoing medical treatments

  • A need for a modified living environment and assistive devices


Get Legal Advice Before Signing Anything

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash causing spinal cord damage in Bedford, the very real threat is that you will be forever impacted by the injury. Please, do not agree to or sign an offer of compensation without the advice of a skilled attorney.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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