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Types of Commercial Trucks and Their Impact on North Texas Motorists

Types of large trucks range from dump trucks to multi-trailer 18-wheelers. Different kinds of trucks cause different crashes. For example, a dump truck carrying an unsecured load of rock may cause a dangerous break in a windshield. A tractor trailer can too easily jackknife, causing a major crash. In this article our North Texas truck crash attorneys will be looking at the different types of large trucks and how each truck is associated with its own set of dangers.


Types of Large Trucks in Texas

Texas has more trucks covering more miles than almost any other state. Because of this, we see more crashes, injuries, and deaths caused by crashes with large trucks. To better understand the impact of large truck crashes in Texas, we must first understand what the industry considers a "large truck." Types of large trucks include:


  • Semi-truck

  • Tractor trailer

  • 18-wheeler

  • Mack truck

  • Big rig

  • Dualie

  • Cargo truck

  • Box truck

  • Tanker truck

  • Flatbed truck

  • Car hauler

  • Bus

  • Dump truck

  • Construction truck

  • Hauler truck

  • Fifth wheel

  • Moving truck

  • Truck with oversized load


The Real Impact of Large Truck Crashes in Texas

Commercial trucks cause crashes in many ways. Some causes are more common than others and, as Dallas truck crash attorneys, we have seen them all. When an oversized load tries to navigate a turn or drives too fast for conditions, it too often becomes unstable. The truck overturns, causing a serious crash. When a truck does crash, one real threat is the bursting of a fuel tank and ignition of fuel. A tanker truck might have fuel in its gas tank and in the tank it is hauling. A recent crash in Denton led to a fire that burned for close to 12 hours. There is no doubt about it - large trucks cause large crashes.


If you have been injured in a Texas truck crash with an 18-wheeler, you need help and you need it now. Do not allow the insurance company to undervalue your claim and leave you without the money you need to pay your bills. Contact a Houston large truck crash lawyer at the Hart Law Firm today.

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