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What Are the Signs of a Drunk Driver?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) dedicates its time to the elimination of drunk driving crashes. In order to succeed, MADD needs the help of the community. The Dallas drunk driving crash lawyers at Hart Law Firm are glad to join in this fight with MADD.

The first step in the fight against drunk driving in Dallas is to learn how to spot a drunk driver. Here is a list of common characteristics to look for that may indicate an intoxicated driver:
  1. Driving the wrong way on the roadway
  2. Nearly striking another object or vehicle
  3. Quickly speeding up or slowing down
  4. Sudden stopping or braking
  5. Driving at night without headlights
  6. Tailgating
  7. Weaving, zig-zagging, swerving or drifting across lanes
  8. Signals inconsistent with actions
  9. Making illegal or abrupt turns
  10. Driving very slowly
  11. Slow response time

The Dallas drunk driving crash attorneys at the Hart Law Firm hope that our efforts to stop drunk driving will have an impact here in Texas. Join us in turning the tide—in making this the year that the number of Dallas drunk driving crashes decrease. If you are a victim of a Dallas drunk driving crash, you need to fight for your rights. Contact an experienced Dallas drunk driving crash lawyer at the Hart Law Firm today. Fill out our convenient online contact form or call us directly at (817) 380-4888 for your free consultation. WE SUE DRUNK DRIVERS!

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