As Dallas, TX semi truck crash attorneys we have seen almost every type of trucking accident. Too many times, we have met with families who have lost a loved one or accident victims who, months later, are still struggling to recover from the crash. In order to help you better understand how to avoid a crash, or to see just how common your type of accident is, we have compiled the following list. The list represents the types of crashes that the Hart Law Firm has seen the most in our 20 years of practicing law in Texas.

·Aggressive driving
·Distracted driving
·Driving while overly tired
Impaired or drunk driving
·An improperly loaded trailer
·Poor truck maintenance
·Road and weather conditions
·Defective equipment such as faulty tires and brakes

Driver Error Too High
While many truck drivers do their best to get their rest, maintain a proper speed and avoid distraction, too many are pushed beyond their limits and make bad choices. Too often their company demands that they get as many loads as possible from point A to point B; in the smallest amount of time. This can force the driver to refuse, possibly losing the run or his job, or to push on, despite his reservations.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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