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Should I accept an offer from the insurance company after my Grapevine, TX semi-truck crash?

That depends. Has an attorney looked over the offer? Has the attorney worked to help you understand what the offer will pay for? Do you know if the offer will pay for not only your medical bills but the repair or replacement of your car, ongoing medical care and therapy, lost wages and possible diminished earning capacity?


Don't Sign Until You Are Comfortable With the Offer


If you don't feel the offer is enough to cover your losses, do not sign. We encourage you to speak with our experienced, top rated Grapevine semi-truck crash lawyers before you agree to any compensation package. Our attorneys want to do more than get you in and out of the door, we want to get you the money you need to allow you to focus on what's important; getting your life back.


A semi-truck crash in Grapevine, Euless or anywhere in North Texas has the potential to wreck your life. Do not let this moment in time forever alter you. Get the legal advice you need and the compensation you deserve. Call 817.380.4888 today.

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