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Does truck driver health affect Texas semi-truck crash rates?

Yes. Some of the weight-related health issues that cause semi-truck crashes in Bedford and across Texas include:
  • Hypertension/high blood pressure (can contribute to heart attack)
  • Sleep apnea (causes daytime drowsiness)
  • Diabetes (can cause diabetic a seizure)

Increasingly, researchers are finding that sleep apnea is having a serious affect on truck drivers. Obesity dramatically increases a person’s risk of developing sleep apnea. Given that over 80 percent of truck drivers are obese, too many are suffering from the effects of the sleep disorder. Sleep apnea causes the sufferer to get poor sleep and remain tired throughout the day. In truck drivers, this tiredness contributes to hundreds of crashes each year.

While the trucking industry has made inroads in combating obesity among truck drivers, a lot will have to be done to fully address the issue and reduce health related trucking crashes.

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