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Do I need a specialized attorney after my crash with an 18 wheeler in Hurst, TX?

Many Texas law firms advertise that they can handle any and all types of personal injury crash claims in Bedford, Hurst and Southlake. However, as a Texas law firm that has worked to specialize our practice, we know that this is simply not true.


Knowing a little about a lot of things may help you win Jeopardy, but it will not help you win your Bedford large truck crash case. In order to fight the trucking company, their lawyers, and their insurance company, an attorney must have both experience in and knowledge of 18 wheeler crashes. These crashes too often involve more serious injuries and losses than the average car crash. In addition, compensation for these life-changing injuries is often not enough to cover the long term medical needs of the crash victim.


Without extensive knowledge of trucking crashes and a willingness to fight all the way to court for the rights of their clients, most attorneys just can't do their commercial truck crash clients justice.


If you have been injured or have lost a loved one during a collision with a semi-truck in Hurst, Bedford, or surrounding areas, you need serious help and you need it now. Please contact a Texas truck crash attorney at the Hart Law Firm for a free consultation. One call is all it takes to get the representation you deserve. Call 1.817.380.4888 today.

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