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Do drunk truck drivers cause large truck crashes in Texas?

While there are times when truckers make the decision to drink and drive, the truth is that truck drivers are less likely than car drivers to drink, drive, and cause a deadly collision. In crashes that caused at least one fatality, only 3 percent of truck drivers are found to be legally drunk at the time of the crash. Instead, with fatal collisions, 23 percent are caused by drunk drivers who are operating a personal vehicle.


Alhough drunk driving is not terribly common in the trucking industry, there is work to be done to reduce the rate of crashes caused by intoxicated truckers in Grapevine and throughout Texas. A recent study showed that mandatory alcohol testing of commercial drivers significantly reduced the rate of fatal large truck crashes.


Until the rate of alcohol use among drivers is zero, our attorneys hope that safety advocates will continue working to reduce the number of crashes caused by impaired drivers.


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