Crossing the middle line might be an everyday occurrence for you. It shouldn't be, but for many busy drivers it's just something that happens. The vast majority of the time, distraction is to blame. Unfortunately, Texas semi-truck drivers are not immune to driver distraction. In fact, safety advocates are urging lawmakers to ban cell phone use for all truckers.


The ban comes after a terrible crash where a truck driver was using his phone for both texts and conversations. Moments later, he drifted across the center line, plowed through a wire highway divider, and hit a nearly full 15-passenger van. The crash caused multiple fatalities and many are asking: "What can be done to prevent truck driver distraction?"


Would a Truck Driver Cell Phone Ban Reduce Truck Accidents in Texas?

While it cannot be said that the majority of crashes are caused by cell phone use, it is true that removing the possibility of distraction due to the use of a cell phone could save lives. Many states have enacted strict bans on cell phone use while driving. Maybe it is time for Texas to require truckers to put down the cell phone and drive. What do you think? Is a nationwide ban on truck driver cell phone use feasible? Would it bring down truck crash rates?

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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