No driver wants to be involved in a crash. Truck drivers are no exception. They are very aware that if they get into a crash, there is a good chance that their career is over. If this is true, why do so many truck drivers make the choice to drive more than they should, driving while tired and putting themselves and others at risk?

More Money, More Problems

In order to make enough money to pay their bills and support their families, truckers often drive when they are not supposed to. Legally, truck drivers are required to drive no more than 11 hours, with this drive time followed by a 10 hour break. While this sounds like a reasonable requirement, truckers point out that running legal is nearly impossible. Any time a driver is stuck in traffic, at a weigh station, or is waiting for a load to arrive, he is not earning money. Truckers only make money when they are moving. This tempts many truck drivers to break the law, drive beyond the legal limits, and drive when overly tired.

Solutions Are Hard to Come By

Unfortunately, the issue is systemic. Only a few large trucking companies pay well enough to encourage truckers to rest when they need to and not drive when tired. Too many push their drivers beyond their limits, asking them to engage in dangerous driving behaviors.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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