When Kyle Busch got behind the wheel to race the other day, he lost his temper, threw a fit, and hit another truck, causing a race-ending crash. Fortunately for both drivers, the crash didn't cause any injuries. The only fall out was wrecked-up trucks and no chance of winning that day. Busch has been fined for causing the crash and didn't race at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas as planned. Some still wonder, however, if these punishments fit the crime.


So what do semi-truck drivers and Kyle Busch have in common?


While semi-trucks (let's think of them as suped-up versions of NASCAR race trucks) don't race in circles, they do race from point A to point B. The quicker they get there, the more they get paid; time is money in the trucking industry. Long hours and little sleep can cause some drivers to become irritable, even aggressive. Mr. Busch got aggressive behind the wheel and caused a serious crash, and so do some truck drivers.


Bigger Trucks, Bigger Crashes


If a trucker got mad and bumped the back of the truck or car in front of him, there is virtually no chance that the motorists involved would walk away unscathed. While Kyle Busch had to sit out a race or two, the consequences of causing a crash on the highway would most certainly be much worse.


Accidents involving large commercial vehicles are among the most deadly and injurious. Truckers can and do get angry enough to tailgate, or flash their lights and pull up next to another vehicle, with arms, and perhaps a certain finger, waving wildly, and a choice word or two streaming from their lips.


If you have been the brunt of such aggression you know just how scary it is. If you see an aggressive driver, trucker or not, please do your best to stay out of their way and, if you believe that the driver is dangerous, call 911. Help prevent yourself from become the victim of a semi-truck crash in Grapevine, TX.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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