If you developed Parkinson’s disease from exposure to dangerous manganese fumes as a welder, you could be facing life-long challenges in many areas of your life. You could struggle to walk, sleep, speak, think, and reason. You may become depressed at how limited your life has become. However, you can take assertive steps to manage the symptoms of welders' Parkinson’s disease and to create a more fulfilling life for you and your family—because your disease affects all of you.

5 Strategies to Manage Your Parkinson’s Disease

Taking an active role in the management of your disease can help you reduce the symptoms of your disease. You will need to take a multi-disciplinary approach and probably want to include a wide range of professionals—such as your doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist, and social worker—in your treatment plan. Steps that could help you feel more in control of your disease include:

Managing medicines and nutrition.

You will need to be sure to take your medications on a regular schedule at the times of the day they are prescribed. A nutritionist can help you make changes to your diet that could reduce some of the symptoms you experience.


Gentle exercises and tai-chi could improve some of the physical challenges of welders' Parkinson’s disease, like problems with balance and walking.

Cope with symptoms.

It can be helpful to educate yourself on your disease, its symptoms, and how to manage them. Your doctor and other medical professionals may have tips on how to handle the symptoms you find challenging.

Join a support group.

Joining a Parkinson’s disease support group can help you to connect with people having similar difficulties who can share support and tips with you. In addition, this could enable you to keep better informed of new treatments being developed for your disease.

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