A study done by the Government Accountability Office found that cheating on a drug test is too easy for truck drivers. During an undercover investigation, it was discovered that at least 75% of the testing facilities used by truck drivers didn't do enough to stop truck drivers from cheating. According to the study, the vast majority of the facilities "failed to restrict access to items that could be used to adulterate or dilute the [urine] specimen."

What the Study Means for Texas Motorists
When truck drivers use drugs they put everybody on the road at risk. Like too many users, if they know it is possible to cheat a test, they will. While the DOT estimates that less than 2 percent of truck drivers test positive for banned substances each year, law enforcement officials in Oregon know this number is too low. When they did their own testing they found that 9 percent, not 2 percent, of truck drivers failed their drug test.

Stopping Driver Drug Use in Texas
Transportation Departments, both in Texas and nationwide, have been working to remedy the situation. Still, no matter how strict they are, human error, be it drug use in truckers or distracted driving, causes too many 18-wheeler crashes. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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