Distracted driving causes crashes in Texas; there is no need to debate this. It's both common sense and a proven fact. However, what remains to be seen is what safety officials, police, and the public can do to prevent it.


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has teamed up with safety groups and law enforcement agencies from across the nation to highlight the seriousness of distracted driving in truck drivers and, hopefully, prevent 18 wheeler crashes in Bedford and across Texas.


Operation Safe Driver is currently underway and police officers are on the lookout for distracted and aggressive drivers. Police are making a concerted effort to bring awareness to this serious issue and catch those who are guilty of these dangerous driving behaviors.


Safe Driving All Year Long


As Texas truck accident lawyers, we have seen the devastating impact that a semi-truck crash in Bedford can have. While we are glad to hear that safety groups and police are taking these issues seriously, we would like to see a longer lasting effort to stop distracted and aggressive driving among truckers. There are ways that we can help stop these behaviors. One of the most effective is to report drivers who are driving erratically. If enough of us do so, the message will get out to the trucking community: Be careful how you drive in Bedford.

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