While truck drivers can and do make mistakes that cause serious trucking accidents in Bedford and across Texas, there are times when the other driver contributes to the crash. Truckers live in fear of these three driver errors, and if you are making them, you are putting your life at risk.


  • Cutting in front of a semi: If you cut in front of a semi-truck, either when crossing a street or after passing, you are playing with fire. These trucks are massive and their brake times are significantly longer than other vehicles.

  • Following too close behind: When you follow an 18 wheeler too closely, there are several things that could go wrong. First, if the truck has to stop or slow suddenly, you might not have enough time to react. This can cause your car to hit the back of the truck, possibly sliding under it. Secondly, if you are too close behind a truck, you are in the driver's blind spot. If the driver can't see you, he may make a move in traffic that causes you to collide with his truck.

  • Drive distracted: Truck drivers can see you reaching for your phone, or sending a text message, and they are scared! Any task that takes your mind or eyes off the road has the potential to cause a serious, even deadly crash.


Although we represent hundreds of clients who have been injured during a collision with a truck in Denton and surrounding areas, we know that in order to prevent crashes with large trucks we must all do our part. Drive safe, drive aware, arrive alive.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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