We have all felt the sudden fear as a large semi-truck drifts into our lane or looms suddenly in our rearview mirror.  Though we have a gut feeling that large, commercial trucks are dangerous, is there any evidence to back up these feelings? 

Yes.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the vast majority of large truck accidents injure and kill other motorists, not the truck driver.  For example, in Texas in 2005, over 500 people were killed during collisions with 18-wheelers.  Nationwide, 80% of the injuries caused by a crash with a semi-truck are sustained by other drivers and passengers.  This means that truckers are only injured in 20% of the crashes they are involved in. 

The lesson for those of us not driving large trucks?  Beware!  While most truck drivers work hard to be safe, to make the right choices while driving, many are inattentive and overly tired as they cruise down the highway.  At The Hart Law Firm we know too many people who have been injured, even killed during North Texas 18-wheeler crashes.  Drivers must be vigilant during every trip they make.  Be aware of the trucks around you and pay special attention to any that seem to be driving erratically; doing so may very well save your life. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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