If you have been hit by a truck driver in Fort Worth you are still processing the event, trying to determine just how the crash happened, why the driver made such a terrible mistake and how the crash could have been prevented. Many safety advocates believe that the vast majority of semi truck crashes, both in Texas and across the nation, are caused by drowsiness related to obstructive sleep apnea.


Currently, there is no good, reliable test for identifying truck drivers who are at risk for sleep apnea. While it is true that obesity is often associated with sleep apnea, many are resistant to targeting drivers based on BMI or weight alone.


A Test That Offers Less Subjective Results


A new test, based on the reaction speeds of commercial truck drivers, measures drivers' alertness, their ability to react quickly to events. When slow, a driver's test time indicates sleepiness. This sleepiness, and slow reaction time, is most often caused by a lack of deep, restful sleep. Sleep apnea is a major cause of daytime drowsiness. Using the test, drivers who are dangerously tired will get the help they need, preventing overly tired truckers from taking to the road, putting the lives of motorists on the line.


Semi-Truck Accident Prevention is the Key to Saving Lives in Texas


In our Dallas law office we see client after client suffering from the effects of a crash with an 18-wheeler. Anytime researchers or safety experts make strides in preventing large truck crashes we take notice. Our attorneys strongly believe that knowledge is power. We hope that giving you the information you need will help you better understand your crash and give you the strength you need to carry on, to effect positive change. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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