The family of a New Braunfels man will be missing their husband and father this Christmas. The only small happiness they have this season is that their successful Texas truck crash lawsuit will help honor the crash victim and prevent truck crashes caused by sleep apnea. As we have reported, John and Wanda Lindsay were stopped due to construction when an 18 wheeler traveling at 65 mph slammed into the back of their car. John died from his critical injuries and Wanda, although badly injured, survived. During her recovery, Wanda discovered that the driver who hit them had been hired by Celadon Trucking despite the fact that he had been diagnosed with severe and uncontrolled sleep apnea and had been fired multiple times for his refusal to treat the condition. New Hope in the Face of Tragedy Wanda decided to honor her husband by fighting sleep apnea in truck drivers. The disorder has reached epidemic levels within the trucking industry, but day in and day out the John Lindsay Foundation works to reduce the number of truckers allowed to drive with obstructive sleep apnea. Recently, the Lindsays were awarded a $3.25 million dollar settlement for their lawsuit against Celadon Trucking, the company who hired the driver. The money will not only help the Lindsays recover financially, paying for medical bills and ongoing care for Wanda, it will allow the family to continue their work to prevent large truck crashes caused by drowsy, sleep apnea-impaired drivers.

The Bedford 18 wheeler accident attorneys at the Hart Law Firm would like to congratulate the Lindsays on their successful settlement. While we know that no amount of money can replace a loved one, we are heartened to hear that your family will use the settlement to honor John and prevent semi-truck crashes in Texas and across the nation. The Lindsays were able to receive the compensation that they need to heal and move on from the crash. 

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