Have you noticed any changes on your daily commute? If not, you soon will. Many counties in Texas have begun the tedious process of removing nighttime and truck speed limit signs. This means that as of September 1, trucks can travel at the same speed as cars. At night, all vehicles can travel at higher speeds, no longer slowed down by nighttime limits.


Is the Change Good for Texas?


The concern for many stems from the high cost of removing the signage. In a 60 county region, the contractor awarded the bid will receive $577,500 for removing all signs in the area. This cost will be the same across most regions in Texas.


In addition to the cost of removal, many safety advocates worry that the higher truck speed limit will take a more serious toll on Texas. The concern is that a higher speed limit will lead to more frequent and more serious semi-truck crashes in Denton and across Texas. As has been shown time and again, the faster a truck is traveling, the longer it takes it to stop. It is feared that this increased braking distance will cause the number of crashes involving large commercial vehicles to jump dramatically.


While our Denton 18 wheeler accident lawyers hope that this isn't the case, we are unsure as to how the change will play out across the state. We can only hope that motorists are not injured or killed because of the increases.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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