First and foremost, if you have been involved in a Grapevine car accident, seek medical treatment. If a paramedic is on site, ask for help. Also be sure to follow up with your obstetrician. Whether you are in a major or minor car wreck in the Grapevine area, you should be examined as soon as possible.

The reason for this sense of urgency is that a jolt, whether you feel it was hard or not, has the potential to separate the uterus from the placenta. This may lead to hemorrhage, miscarriage, or premature delivery. You may not experience or notice symptoms right after the car crash, so it is extremely important to seek immediate medical attention. The hospital will monitor you; depending on any symptoms you may be experiencing and the age of the fetus, you may be monitored for several hours or more.

Once you receive the okay to go home, you will still need to watch for bleeding, abdominal pain, or a decline in the baby’s movement. If any of these symptoms do occur, call your doctor immediately.

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