Various groups within the trucking industry have agreed on proposals that would raise the allowable weight limit on commercial trucks. They would like to boost productivity by allowing trucks to carry up to 9,000 more pounds than they are currently allowed to. While this may be good for the industry, many are concerned that it will be bad for motorists in Keller, Euless, and across Texas.


Bigger Trucks Can Cause Bigger Crashes

As a vehicle's weight increases, its stopping distance increases as well. The concern with allowing heavier trucks to travel in Texas is that the increased stopping distance, along with bulkier loads, will cause more frequent and more serious crashes. Already, a crash with a commercial truck in Keller is serious and safety experts worry that the new rules will increase the number of crashes involving 18 wheelers in Texas.


Damage to Roads in Euless

If the weight limit raise is approved, the heavier trucks will be made to travel less on major interstates and more on state highways. Studies have shown that increased large truck traffic on these smaller roads considerably increases road damage. Are taxpayers prepared to pay to fix the road damage done by large trucks?

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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