Until each and every truck driver decides to make the right choices when behind the wheel, laws passed on the local, state, and national level are needed to decrease the number of accidents caused by trucks in Grapevine and across Texas. There are several current national proposals that aim to stop dangerous trucks and truck drivers from hitting the road.


Current Semi-Truck Safety Legislation


At this time, the U.S. Senate is being asked to pass legislation that would:


  • Require on-board recorders for all large commercial trucks and buses

  • Stop trucking companies from quickly starting up again after being shut down due to safety violations

  • Require all new motor carriers to pass a written examination before being allowed to operate

  • Begin studies to determine the factors that contribute to crashes caused by commercial vehicles


The Cost of Safety


As with most things, semi-truck safety regulation is not free. According to estimates from the U.S. Finance committee, the new safety measures would cost upwards of $109 billion. Passing the initiatives will be a hard sell, seeing as the committee must first find $12 billion to fund current levels of transportation spending.


What do you think? Do the proposed safety measures justify their cost?


No matter the final decision, the Grapevine, TX 18 wheeler crash attorneys at the Hart Law Firm are always glad to hear that lawmakers are working to improve the safety of large trucks. Too often we talk to people who have been injured during a crash that could have been prevented. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Truck Accident?

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