School buses take millions of children to and from school every day. Unfortunately, some of these precious passengers end up injured or killed each year. With more awareness of school bus safety, these accidents could be prevented. A majority of injuries take place in the “bus danger zone.” As the name implies, this area of the bus puts the safety of children in jeopardy all too often. 

What You Need to Know About the Danger Zone

Many parents in the Dallas area rely on buses to take their children to school. It is vital that you and your children are aware of how to stay safe around the bus. The danger zone is the ten-foot space surrounding the school bus on both sides, in front of and behind the bus. Children should be aware of the following risks of being in the danger zone:

Blind Spot.

The bus driver cannot see children who are inside the 10-foot zone surrounding the bus. Children often like to stop and talk with their friends in this area, which puts them at an increased risk for danger. Advise your child to take five giant steps away from the bus before stopping to chat.

Entering and Exiting.

Children are most at risk for crashes when getting on and off of the bus. Remind your child to NEVER go behind a bus and to ALWAYS walk in front of the bus when he has to cross the street. Doing so gets him out of the zone and into an area where the bus driver can see him better, which could prevent him from becoming seriously injured, or worse.

Victims Have Rights

If your child has followed all of your safety tips and is still injured in our around a school bus, you can take action. An attorney from the Hart Law Firm may be able to help you receive compensation that can help pay for the medical bills associated with the crash and provide you with funds that may help to make your child’s life easier. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Pedestrian Accident?

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