People rely on bus companies and bus drivers to get them safely to work, school, events, and travel destinations across Texas and across the nation. While most of these bus rides are without incident, accidents do sometimes happen—and they are often severe, affecting the lives of multiple passengers and other vehicles on the road.

Although some rare bus accidents may be just pure “bad luck,” it’s much more often the case that the cause of the accident could have been prevented if everyone was taking care and following the rules. For example, here are six common causes of bus accidents:

  • The bus driver was tired or distracted.
  • The bus driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Another driver caused the bus accident while tired, distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise driving dangerously.
  • The bus or its equipment was in poor repair or did not receive necessary maintenance.
  • A defect or malfunction with bus equipment caused the accident.
  • The bus was not loaded properly or was carrying too much weight.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Bus Accident?

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