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Grapevine Lawyer On Texas Bus Crashes

Grapevine, TX  attorney David Hart discusses the differences between being involved in a bus crash and an automobile wreck. If you are injured in a bus accident, you want to make sure your Texas injury attorney is familiar with bus accident cases, as well as Texas commercial motor vehicle laws.


There are a lot of bus companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A big reason for that is the fact that the area serves as a T for Interstate 20 and Interstate 35. Many bus companies are transporting people to and from Mexico and head through the area to access the rest of the state.



Unfortunately, there are many smaller bus companies that don't consider their drivers' credentials nor have the same facilities as the larger bus companies do. These factors can result in you riding on a dangerous bus and suffering a serious injury.



The Hart Law Firm is experienced with handling bus crash cases. Our Dallas area injury lawyers are also well versed in commercial motor vehicle laws and understand the differences between bus crash cases and car or truck wreck cases. The success of your case will be determined on the experience of your legal team. Call us today.

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