Dallas injury lawyer David Hart shares his strong feelings against frivolous lawsuits and defenses. You want a lawyer who is ethical, will not consider taking a frivolous lawsuit and will defend you against a frivolous defense.

A frivolous lawsuit is one that is without merit. Many times, an unethical lawyer will attempt to extort a settlement out of an insurance company or business. We hate this type of lawsuit.

At the Hart Law Firm, our Colleyville personal injury lawyers are more interested in representing real cases for real people who have real injuries. We investigate each case to make sure that there is good liability and that there are real injuries.

We also have a strong dislike for frivolous defenses. A frivolous defense is when the defense lawyers or the insurance company raises an argument that they know is not true. In some cases, they will claim that your Texas car accident was caused by some unknown or third party, when they know it isn't true.

We believe that this is a much bigger problem than frivolous lawsuits and will do what it takes to defend you against such counterclaims.

If you have been injured in a Texas car accident or Colleyville motorcycle crash resulting in real injuries, our Dallas injury attorneys will vigorously represent you. Call us to today to discuss your case.

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