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Colleyville Motorcycle Accident Attorney Who Rides Motorcycles & Understands The Law

Colleyville motorcycle accident attorney David Hart discusses, in this persuasive video, the importance of hiring an attorney for your motorcycle accident case who rides a motorcycle himself and understands the laws for motorcycle riders.

Often times, insurance companies will attempt to treat an injured motorcyclist differently than someone who is injured in a car accident.

Since you are required to follow the same laws as a car, you should be treated the same. Just because you are riding a motorcycle doesn't automatically mean you were at fault for the crash. As a matter of fact, the other driver is usually to blame.

The Colleyville motorcycle accident attorneys at the Hart Law Firm are experienced in representing people who have been injured in motorcycle wrecks. This experience is necessary since many insurance companies start off by looking at you differently.

I am familiar with the laws regarding motorcycles, and as someone who rides a motorcycle, I am able to better understand you and your case.

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