One reason you don't want to settle your car wreck case without an experienced attorney is that you'll be at a disadvantage in the negotiations with the negligent driver’s insurance company. The adjuster assigned to your case could do even worse than take advantage of your lack of knowledge. He may engage in bad faith tactics to delay, reduce, or deny your claim.

Signs the Insurance Company Is Negotiating in Bad Faith

Insurance companies have a duty to investigate, negotiate, and settle claims in good faith. When insurance adjusters violate this duty, you could be tricked into settling your claim for much less than it is worth—if the claim is not denied at the start. Watch out for these bad faith tactics:

Denying a claim for no reason.

It's illegal for an insurance company to deny a claim for no reason or an invalid one. However, some adjusters attempt it, knowing that an unsuspecting crash victim will not fight their decision.

Failing to conduct an investigation.

An insurance company must conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of your crash. However, adjusters sometimes purposely delay investigations or fail to conduct them altogether in the hopes that you’ll accept a low offer.

Delaying payment of or refusing to pay a valid claim.

If you have a valid claim, an insurance company cannot unreasonably delay paying you what you are entitled to, or outright refuse to pay your claim. Sadly, adjusters sometimes do this when victims are not represented by an attorney.

Offering significantly less than your claim is worth.

A good negotiator doesn't start out with his final offer. But, an insurance adjuster is engaging in bad faith tactics when he won't budge from a low-ball offer—especially when the negligent driver’s liability is clear.

Misrepresenting the policy or law.

If the insurance company misrepresents the law or the terms of the insurance policy in any way, they are working with you in bad faith. With an attorney on your side, this is unlikely to happen.

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