If you or a loved one has suffered an extremely serious, scarring burn injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, construction site or industrial accident, or during work on a Texas drilling rig, our experienced personal injury lawyer at Colleyville's Hart Law Firm wants to speak with you.

The pain and suffering that your burn injury has brought you, the scarring that will remind you of it always, lost work hours and wages, medical bills and emotional turmoil are all factors we can cite in seeking financial compensation for your ordeal.

Call us toll-free or fax or e-mail us so we can hear the details of your burn or scar injury experience in a free initial consultation.

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That means the skillful, sensitive founder of our Texas law firm uses years of working for burn injury clients, knowledge of injury law, passionate advocacy and keen client commitment to get results for you.

Nationally, more than a million people are hospitalized every year due to skin burn injuries sustained in chemical fires, workplace accidents and premises liability on unsafe property. Ten thousand of those suffering patients eventually perish from burn-related infections.

First- and second-degree burns are some of the most painful that human beings will ever know. One reason is the skin loss due to extensive burns and trauma that can slow or eliminate functions of vital organs.

A threshold of financial pain can enter into this equation too, literally adding insult to injury. Our Texas burn injury clients customarily require long hospital stays and months or years of therapy, encounter skyrocketing medical bills, and need thorough counseling for their burn-related emotional problems.

You have rights, and a right to benefits. You deserve physical and financial health. Let us actively seek justice for you, with just and fair compensation for your accident or negligence-related burn injury. Be in touch with our law offices today.

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It's the first step in the legal portion of your healing process. It's thorough, and it's free. It's your free initial consultation with our skilled, caring accident personal injury lawyer at The Hart Law Firm in Colleyville.

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