Transportation for America has named Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington the 10th most dangerous metro area to practice the healthy habit of walking. Between 2000 and 2009 in the state of Texas, 4,212 pedestrians were killed while walking. Of those crashes, 942 pedestrian victims were killed in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area. Transportation for America believes these numbers are staggering and need public and federal attention. Your Southlake personal injury attorney agrees that pedestrians deserve safety.

Federal Interest
Between 2000 and 2009, more than 47,000 pedestrians were involved in fatal crashes. Sixty-seven percent of those killed were on federally-funded roads, which are eligible for federal funds to improve construction or oversights. Since taxpayer money is used to improve these roads, it makes sense to Transportation for America that the roads are built with pedestrian safety in mind.

Public Interest
It should be no question that pedestrians deserve safe roads. A common factor in many of the pedestrian deaths was that they occurred along arterial roadways. These roads were designed for high traffic flow, with little consideration given to safety for walkers, wheelchairs, or bicycles. This must change if we want to keep our pedestrians safe.

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