nurse helping patient with walker The Hart Law FirmAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in our country, employing over 18 million people. These employees work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, offices, and in patients’ homes. They face many hazardous conditions on the job. Incidents of non-fatal injuries and illnesses that are work-related are some of the highest of any industry.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, an injured healthcare professional may have the added complication of working for a non-subscriber employer who has opted out of providing workers’ compensation benefits. However, they can hold their employers responsible for compensating them for their injuries if they can prove that their employer was negligent.

Most Common Ways Healthcare Workers Suffer Injuries

While workers in this industry work in a variety of settings and engage in many different job duties, they face similar risks that lead to injuries. Some of the most common ways individuals are hurt include:


According to the CDC, developing musculoskeletal injuries is a major concern for people working in healthcare and is caused when they must lift, move, and reposition heavy patients. Nursing aids, attendants, and orderlies are at highest risk of suffering these injuries.

Sharp objects.

Healthcare employees routinely use needles and are exposed to other sharp objects that can puncture their skin or result in a serious laceration. In addition, they are at increased risk of developing an infectious disease like HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B if they are stuck by a needle.

Slips, falls, and trips.

Slippery floors, worn carpet and flooring, spills, cords, and other hazards at job settings can create slip and fall risks for employees. They can suffer broken bones, back and spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, and more as a result of a fall.


Healthcare workers are at a high risk of workplace violence and can suffer injuries if they are physically attacked by distraught patients, family members, intruders, or co-workers.


Many healthcare facilities in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas are understaffed. This can lead to workers being under pressure to work faster and longer hours—increasing the risk that they will overexert themselves, slip and fall, or injure themselves in other ways.

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