Fast-food workers are some of our lowest-paid workers—often receiving minimum wage or slightly higher. They work hard for their pay and face constant pressures to move faster. Unfortunately, this also increases their risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents while working with sharp knives, machinery, and hot oil. Being off work after being hurt on the job can cause major financial hardship for fast-food workers and their families with the mounting medical bills and no weekly income. However, even if they work for a non-subscriber employer who opted out of workers’ comp—like McDonald, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Waffle House, and Burger King—they  could be entitled to compensation for their injuries from their negligent employer.

Six Common Fast-Food Workplace Accidents in Texas

In every job at a fast-food restaurant, workers can be seriously injured in a workplace accident. Common dangers they face include:

Hot cooking equipment.

One of the most common injuries fast-food employees suffer is serious burns from working with or cleaning the deep fat fryer or cooking on a hot grill. Unfortunately, they can be burned frequently, especially when they are rushed during peak hours. Carbon monoxide exposure from malfunctioning exhaust systems is also a danger for these employees.

Sharp objects.

Workers can suffer serious cuts and other injuries when using sharp knifes in food preparation and working with sharp blades, such as milkshake mixer blades.

Slippery floors.

Floors behind the counter can become dangerously slippery when spilled or splashed oil, drinks, and food spills are not cleaned up. These tasks are often ignored as workers rush to fill orders, resulting in them suffering back, spinal, and head injuries and broken bones in falls.


Workers can be electrocuted or exposed to shocks when electrical cords and extension cords are worn or damaged, outlets are improperly wired or grounded, and wiring and equipment is faulty. These risks are increased because of wet surfaces in the fast-food kitchen and counter areas.

Heavy lifting.

When bussing tables and handling heavy boxes of food and trash, employees can experience back, neck, and shoulder strains and sprains.

Violent crimes.

Unfortunately, fast-food workers are in danger of injuries in violent crimes when their restaurants are robbed or they are robbed on a delivery.

Not only are fast-food restaurants dangerous, but employers often are ill-prepared for workplace accidents. Many do not have first-aid kits or the kits are missing critical items. Workers are often advised to use condiments like mayonnaise to treat their burns.

If you are a fast-food employee injured on the job, you need to exercise your rights to compensation from your negligent employer. 

Have You Been Injured At Your Texas Job And Your Employer Doesn't Provide Workers' Compensation?

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