If you are a Texas biker you likely think about motorcycle safety each time you go for a ride.  Though some crashes are unavoidable, such as the recent crash on the North Dallas Tollway, there are steps bikers can take to avoid many crashes.  As a Texas personal injury trial law firm we have seen every type of motorcycle crash and have compiled the best ways to avoid a crash in Dallas, Fort Worth or any city in the nation.

  • Check your route- Before you leave the house be sure to check your route and ensure that it doesn't involve any construction or traffic delays. These are too often the sites of serious crashes and should be avoided when possible.
  • Check the weather- Slippery roads are to blame for thousands of crashes in Texas each year. If you can avoid driving during a rain or snow storm, please do so. If you must hit the road, adjust your speed to conditions and be on the lookout for out of control or speeding vehicles.
  • Check your bike- Are your tires properly inflated? If not, a dangerous blowout is likely. Also, be sure to test your brakes and check that your lights are working properly. It is suggested that your lights remain on at all times, day or night, to increase your visibility.
  • Check your gear- Hopefully you have chosen to wear a helmet. Your helmet, if not new, should not have been involved in a prior crash. Riding boots, along with a protective jacket and pants are highly recommended.
  • Check out other motorists- As you know, bikers must be acutely aware of the cars and trucks around them. You must think not only about your moves in traffic, but the actions of every vehicle around you. Be extra alert when approaching an intersection as cars making left hand turns in front of motorcycles is all too common.

The best way to avoid a crash is to be prepared.  Enjoy your ride but be aware of your surroundings.  We hope that this awareness will help you avoid a serious crash.  

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