Collisions with motor vehicles are the main cause of fatal bicycle crashes and motorcycle crashes in Texas. So what happens when bikes are the only vehicles on the road?  

Every year, hundreds of motorcycle rallies take place in Texas. Bike races and bicycle tours traverse the state in a continuous pack; two-wheel clubs and societies host weeklong events for bike fans and enthusiasts. Sure, the traffic is increased, but they're bikers-surely the chances of an accident are drastically reduced, right?  

Perhaps not. For one thing, there is no mandatory helmet law in Texas for bicyclists or motorcycle riders. A cyclist over the age of 21 need only have a license and proof of medical insurance to legally ride without a helmet. Also, many of these riders come from all over America to participate in races, increasing the density of the pack and decreasing space between riders.  

What does that mean for rider safety?  
  • Cross-country biking carries different risks than ordinary commuting, including increased fatigue, weather exposure, and dehydration.
  • Tourists attending an out-of-state rally may be unfamiliar with the geography or roads and trails, and must be hyper-alert of the planned routes and unexpected weather changes.
  • Some attendees may have logged thousands of miles alone, but never ridden in a large group. This may affect stopping distance, steering, and maintaining a constant speed-all potential hazards for a crash.
  • Races and rallies often involve evening celebrations or "night rides." Riding in the dark compromises sight distance and increases the risk of a crash, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.
  • Bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85%. Motorcycle helmets offer even more protection, since motorcycles travel at higher speeds.
  • Nearly one-fifth of all fatal bike crashes could have been prevented of the rider were wearing a helmet.
  • The estimated cost of a single case of traumatic brain injury is $4.8 million dollars.
  • Children and minors are required to wear helmets in almost every state.
While there may not be cars on the road, there are still plenty of people-and people have the potential to make mistakes. Amateurs and pros, locals and out-of-staters-a single missed turn can mean disaster on two wheels. And while some cyclists maintain that it is their choice to ride without a helmet, the result is that these riders are choosing to put themselves at increased risk-and turning what could be a minor crash into a fatal collision.  

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