Even when a commercial truck is traveling at a slower speed, it can cause serious damage to the much smaller passenger vehicle it strikes in a truck accident. The driver and passengers in the automobile can suffer catastrophic injuries—if they survive the wreck. Unfortunately, these injuries are often permanent, and victims must suddenly deal with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and worries about their long-term health and ability to work. Fortunately, negligent truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for compensating these victims for their injuries.

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Common Severe Injuries You Could Suffer in a Semi-Truck Collision

Catastrophic injuries are often ones that cause permanent effects on a person’s life. They can require long-term medical treatment and can make it impossible for him to return to work or take care of his daily personal needs.

These injuries are common in 18-wheeler and other truck accidents due to the massive size and weight of the truck and the longer time it takes trucks to stop, making it harder for a negligent trucker to avoid a crash. Here are some common catastrophic injuries people suffer:

Spinal Cord Injuries 

When the spinal cord, vertebrae, nerves, or disks are damaged in a truck accident, a person can suffer serious nerve damage or damage to the disks in the spinal cord that causes chronic pain and limitations in movements. When the injury is severe enough, a person can suffer complete or partial paralysis and need round-the-clock assistance for the rest of his life.

Traumatic Brain Injury 

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by blunt force or a penetrating injury to the head in an 18-wheeler collision. Victims who have a TBI can experience long-term changes to their mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive abilities, such as reasoning, memory, and concentration.


Amputations can happen if a limb is severed in the collision or is so damaged that it must be surgically removed. A victim could need prosthetic limbs to increase his mobility and other medical treatments throughout his life.


Victims can suffer debilitating burns if their vehicle catches on fire or they are burned by flammable substances being transported in the truck. They could need multiple surgeries and have to live with permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Internal Injuries

A truck accident can cause damage to a person’s spleen, liver, kidneys, or other organs—sometimes life-threatening. When the injury is severe enough, the organ may be too damaged to save, and a victim may need an organ transplant.

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