When people think of dangerous jobs, they would almost never think of a store cashier. However, a cashier’s job is not easy. The pressure of keeping his checkout line moving quickly and the constant moving of his body in repetitive ways puts the employee at risk of injury at work. This is especially true at big retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, and Home Depot, where workers risk injuries that could result in long-term pain and limitations on their day-to-day activities. Because they often work for low pay with fewer medical benefits andCashier paid sick time, cashiers and their families can suffer serious financial hardships when they are injured on the job.

Common Injuries Cashiers Suffer

Scanners at checkout lines may have been designed to make a cashier’s job quicker and easier, but there has also been an unwanted result of this technology. Unfortunately, injuries have gone up dramatically because of all the repetitive movements cashiers perform for long periods of time. Common injuries they can experience include:

Arm and wrist injuries.

Repetitive movements like swinging their arms and flicking their wrists when scanning can cause cashiers’ wrists, elbows, arms, and shoulders to become painful, swollen, and stiff. Workers can suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, epicondylitis (an elbow problem), and trigger finger.

Back problems.

Cashiers can suffer muscle strains and back injuries from the repeated use or overexertion of these areas of the body when twisting and lifting bags and other objects. In addition, standing for long hours each day can put pressure on the employee’s muscles, bones, and discs, as well as his legs and feet, causing serious back and knee problems that could result in pain and limits on what jobs he can perform.

Pinched nerves.

All the repetitive movements cashiers perform can result in the nerves in their arms, hands, and neck being compressed and pinched, resulting in discomfort and pain.

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