Whether you were a passenger on a tour bus, a school bus, or a rented “party bus,” it’s natural to start looking to the bus company for answers after an accident. As one of many passengers affected by the accident, it seems to make sense to hold the company responsible for what happened while you were under their care. However, don’t be too quick to assign the blame. Bus accidents are often far more complicated than they seem on the surface, and there may be many facets to the fault in the accident.

Bus companies and the drivers they employ are put under a lot of scrutiny after an accident because they are responsible for safely transporting thousands or hundreds of thousands of people every year. Many times, a negligent driver, or lack of safety precautions on the bus company’s part, are partially responsible for the injuries you sustained. However, even when bus companies do everything right, accidents still happen and passengers can get hurt. In these cases, another driver may be held responsible—or even the company responsible for manufacturing or maintaining the bus.

Before you take action to recover compensation for your bus accident injuries, speak with an experienced attorney who can thoroughly evaluate the details of your case. With legal help, you will be able to quickly identify any potentially responsible parties and start taking action to protect your rights and get the financial support you need to recover.

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