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I am pregnant. Are there precautions I can take to avoid injury in a Grapevine car accident?

Yes, there are plenty of precautions that you can take while pregnant in order to avoid serious injury to yourself and to your unborn baby. When operating or riding in a motor vehicle, always remember to:
  • Wear a seat belt. 
  • Position the seat as far back as possible from the steering wheel
  • Leave airbags on while riding in the vehicle 
  • Avoid engaging in distracted driving

Above all, the seat belt is your number one way to stay safe. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, it must always be worn—and worn correctly. Remember the lap strap should be under your belly—especially during those last few months—and over your hips. The shoulder belt should run across your body and not off to the side. If you need to and are able to, adjust the shoulder height so that the belt is able to fit snugly on your body.

Car accidents, even minor wrecks, do have the potential to cause miscarriage or preterm birth. You may also suffer internal injuries which may or may have immediate symptoms. After the Grapevine car crash, please seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Get a clean bill of health and then call The Hart Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. Our Grapevine car crash attorneys can help you; all you have to do is ask.
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