The gig is up, North Texas. It's time to put down the cell phone, stop searching for your water bottle and focus on the task at hand: Driving. There are three types of distracted driving and we are willing to bet that you, yes you, are guilty of at least one of them.

  • Visual- Taking your eyes off of the road.
  • Manual- Taking your hands off of the wheel.
  • Cognitive- Taking your mind off what you're doing.

Each Time You Drive Distracted You are at Serious Risk of Causing a Texas Accident

Performing any of the above distracting behaviors puts you at risk more than you know. For example, reading and sending a text while driving takes your eyes off the road as much as driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed would. Are you OK with this level of risk?

It Only Takes One Mistake to Cause a Terrible Car Accident

You must ask yourself: Is reaching down to find my iPod worth causing a collision? Of course not. Of course your iPod is not as important as saving a life, preventing a serious, even deadly crash. But we fool ourselves into thinking that texting, just this one time, turning around to grab our kids cup, just this one time, will be OK. What about the one time it's not OK?

Help For Those Who Have Been Hurt in a North Texas Crash

Distraction does more than cause annoying driving behaviors. Distracted driving injures thousands of Texans each year. If you have been injured during a crash with a distracted driver you have rights. You may have the right to file a law suit. 

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Car Accident?

If you've been hurt in a Texas car accident you need to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Colleyville office directly at 817.485.8888 to schedule your free consultation.

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