These Dallas interstates made the top 20 list for the most dangerous roadways for Texas teens.  The list was based off of crash data provided by Allstate insurance.  I-635 came in at number 8, with 1,489 crashes occurring within Dallas County between 2006 and 2010.  I-35 was a little lower on the list, coming in at number 14 with 1,162 crashes during the same time period.

Though these figures may not surprise you, they should give you pause.  As we transition into summer, the number of teen drivers involved in car accidents skyrockets.  If your teen drives, are they being safe every time they get behind the wheel?  Though we know teenagers need some freedom, they also need guidance.  Dangerous behaviors such as texting and driving account for a high number of teen accidents. 

Please be sure that you stress to your teen the importance of focusing on the road.  Your reminder may mean the difference between your child arriving safely at home and being involved in a serious car accident.

If you or your child have been involved in an accident, please feel free to browse our website.  We work hard to fill it with the information you need after a car, truck or motorcycle accident.  If you still have questions, to not hesitate to contact your experienced North Texas personal injury attorney at the Hart Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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